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MAP Test Results Emailed to Parents


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MAP Tests Emailed to Parents
Friday 9th of April

All Day

Recently students in Grades 1 to 8 undertook a Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test in mathematics and reading. Students who have undertaken a MAP test at TIS three times will receive the results by notification email (via ManageBac) from their MYP Advisory or PYP Homeroom teacher. Grade 1 will not receive results. New students will not receive the results. This is because they have not completed the test three times. These parents will not receive the results as MAP guidelines tell schools that the data is not reliable.

Parents often obsess about standardized test results – we empathize. They are useful, but they only show part of the picture. MAP tests just show basic skills in reading and mathematics. They do not show rich application and understanding of mathematics or deep inference when reading. Schools which teach in a skill and drill type fashion may get high MAP results but this does not indicate future success at (say) the IB Diploma.

When considering the MAP results, you would be wise to think critically and listen to your child’s teacher.  A MAP result may not necessarily be a true indication of your child’s achievement or growth. Here’s why:

  • Each test is just one day. If your child was distracted, in a bad mood or ill that day they may well have not performed as well as they could have.

  • The test is on a computer. If your child is not used to using a computer then this will affect the score. For example they may accidentally click the wrong answer, not because they don’t know the answer but because they can’t use a mouse/trackpad well!

  • The test is in English and uses North American terminology. If your child cannot read English very well then they are very likely to receive a score lower than they would do if they had the test in their own language. 

As a general rule, if your child is in an older grade with great computer skills, good English and has undertaken MAP tests several times before at TIS then their score is going to be reliable. If your child is in a younger grade with limited English, limited computer skills and limited experience doing MAP tests, their score should be considered in this light. 

MAP results become more reliable the more times your child has been tested over the years at TIS. If in doubt ask your child’s teacher during the parent-teacher conferences. 

  • Nana (registrar) will create a pdf of each PYP homeroom/MYP advisory class MAP results by 8th April and share it with the respective PYP homeroom/MYP advisory class
  • Each Homeroom/Advisory teacher will email the results to their parents.

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