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Inquiry-based Learning

Empowering learners to think, reflect and act

Welcome to our vibrant, international community

Our Voices

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Really inclusive and really supportive
Grade 8 - Germany
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I really wanted to come back the next day.
Grade 2 - Australia
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We have choice in what we learn and how we learn it.
Grade 5 - USA/Turkey
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The first day when my daughter came back home, she said, “I already have two new friends.” We were nervous but I remember the sense of relief when I walked back home and thought… OK, that's going to be a good place to be.
Andrea Gerali - Italy
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Teachers are very friendly and welcoming. And so he's very happy. And I am very happy because it is very welcoming.
Yumi Hatano - Japan
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The location: It's in the city. It's nice for us to be ten minutes away from school. Whether by bus or car: you could even run it in fifteen minutes.
Johan Broek - The Netherlands
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They (the students) know that they are part of the community, that they are making this school as well, not just adults.
Ayumi Tomoto (Teacher Japanese) - Japanese
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I always feel like this is a place I want to come to be. Parents see that too. So when we have visitors who come in, that's one of the first things that they see is just how open and welcoming and how inviting the atmosphere is at the school.
Anita Rudd (Counselor) - USA
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"The amount I have been able grow as a professional over the six years is extraordinary".
Gabby Kaufhold (Teacher Homeroom) - USA

Voice, Choice and Ownership

Voice, Choice and Ownership

Nurturing our learners to think for themselves

Our learning is driven by internationally-acclaimed curriculum standards and effective, research-based teaching methods.

We foster student learning intentionally sequentially challenging each individual child.

The richness of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes and our emphasis on inquiry-based teaching methods builds understanding, independence and intercultural competence.

Primary Years Programme

Primary Years Programme

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Middle Years Programme

Middle Years Programme

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The International Baccalaureate

TIS is not just any IB school. Our commitment to the IB and our expertise in IB philosophy and teaching practice is deeply rooted at all levels of our organization. Members of our teaching team, leadership team and school board are seconded by the IB as teacher trainers or have worked for the IB in their Global Office.

Mission & Vision

To be the new standard in learning and teaching

We are a truly international community
with a student centered focus,
dedicated to holistic wellbeing
and meaningful learning.

Become Empowered

Learn how to learn

Be intentional

Identify your learning goals, plan, predict, focus and raise questions.


Monitor your own learning, self-assess, develop strategies, readjust, reflect and learn from your mistakes.

Develop Confidence

Feel safe and secure to have a go, take risks in your learning; enjoy the challenge.

Our Team

Our team enjoys learning together, thinking, creating, discovering and having as much fun as our students do

Accreditations & Affiliations

Stay Connected

Uncover our wonderings, predictions, plans, creations and reflections as they are happening.

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Throughout the year here in Japan, we invite prospective families onto our campus to explore our learning environment and spaces through small group tours. This provides families with the opportunity to chat with our admission team and experience teaching and learning firsthand. 
Please click to book a tour or if outside of Japan, check out our Virtual School Tour. 
Virtual Open House events are held a few times a year. It is a chance for interested parents to learn about our programs, teaching approaches, community, values, and facilities while chatting with our Leadership and Admissions teams. Please visit our website again for future Open House events.
IBDP Candidate School

Apple Distinguised School

Tokyo International School is a non profit school, which is accredited by the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
We are a fully authorized, International Baccalaureate World School, catering for students from Kindergarten 1 (four years old) to Grade 8 (fourteen years old).