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It helps me feel more accepting and understand different cultures, different religions and different ideas of how people see things.
Grade 8 - Palestine
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It's really fun and we get to do so many things.
Grade 2 - UK/Mongolia
really fun
got to do so many things
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And what I like about TIS is all my friends are very kind to me and there's no bullying.
Grade 4 - The Netherlands
very kind
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Really inclusive and really supportive
Grade 8 - Germany
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I really wanted to come back the next day.
Grade 2 - Australia
learn a lot
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We have choice in what we learn and how we learn it.
Grade 5 - USA/Turkey
learning strategy
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I have to say TIS is very energetic than Korean school because Korean school was just study!
Grade 3 - South Korea
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This is an amazing school! It has lots of things.
Grade 4 - Italy
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Soccer on twice a week on Monday and Thursday and medieval combat on Wednesday!
Grade 8 - Brazil
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I like dinausaurs as my favourite animal is pretty much t-rex!
Kindergarten 2 - Ireland/New Zealand
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We get to interact with other students and tell other students our thoughts and ideas.
Grade 4 - Australia
share ideas
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Matt keeps making bee jokes like wasa-bee.
Grade 2 - Malaysia/Switzerland
very funny
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Enjoyable, hard working and we use a lot of technology.
Grade 8 - UK
hard working
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Caring, interesting and safe.
Grade 2 - Japan/South Korea
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They are all very nice and they are all very playful.
Grade 2 - Australia
all very nice
sadly leaving
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One of the things which surprised us was the degree of human warmth that we found in the school. The teachers actually take the time, to learn about each individual student and target the education process towards that profile.
Alejandro Barbajosa - Mexico
human warmth
Having had two of the kids at TIS was definitely one of our highlights during our four years in Tokyo. A lot of fond memories and lasting connections have been made for the kids and parents alike. The transition to another IB school went smoothly. Thank you all at TIS for such a special time!
Ann-Katrin van Schie - The Netherlands
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The first day when my daughter came back home, she said, “I already have two new friends.” We were nervous but I remember the sense of relief when I walked back home and thought… OK, that's going to be a good place to be.
Andrea Gerali - Italy
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Teachers are very friendly and welcoming. And so he's very happy. And I am very happy because it is very welcoming.
Yumi Hatano - Japan
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The location: It's in the city. It's nice for us to be ten minutes away from school. Whether by bus or car: you could even run it in fifteen minutes.
Johan Broek - The Netherlands
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It's like a big family of people. Parents are involved in many activities so you feel like it's a second home.
Enrico Domhardt - Germany
second home
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It's very structured but it gives room for creativity, their own self reflection, for individualism but also for teamwork.
Anna Niemeijer Westerlaken - The Netherlands
nice international vibe
Not only a great education for our children but friendships that have lasted through the years (and across countries). I was also fortunate to be President of the PSA and loved all we did especially the Playgrounds of Hope after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. TIS is a wonderful school.
Tracey O'Dea - Australia
great education
wonderful school
At school, my boys were always encouraged to explore, ask questions, and be curious. TIS truly demonstrates what real learning looks like. My boys were taught how to love learning.
Bonnie Humphrey - USA
love learning
The community at TIS is truly special, warmly embracing bewildered newcomers and providing an instant connection to Tokyo. We were devastated to leave TIS at the end of our posting (really - so many tears!) but our kids continue to benefit from the academic foundations they built there.
Abbie Grant - Australia
truly special
academic foundations
It is so impressive that my son at age eight already has recognized that people can understand one another and get along even though there are differences in culture, religion and how they look.
Jerry Atsushi Yonenaga - Canada/Japan
understand one another
I would say that TIS parent community is one of the most interactive and supportive I've ever seen. They support new parents in school during their transition period. The ideas exchanged are extremely helpful.
Anjali Anand - India
During her time at TIS, my child has gained the confidence to share her ideas, the skillset to back her ideas up with facts and logic and the ability to stand in front of a group and articulate why and how she supports her plan.
Amanda Callies - USA
The e-learning during the Covid-19 lockdown was fantastic.
Bobby Scully - New Zealand
My children entered the school in G3 without being able to speak or write any English at all! They learned this new language in a few months and day by day became visibly more confident.
Silvie D'Ambrosio - Italy
new language
I am amazed with my children's ability to present their point of view and defend it. This is something we never learned at school. TIS teaches children to think, to take initiative, to negotiate and find solutions.
Natalia Veresova - Russia
point of view
It's quite obvious that students learn how to think rather than what to think. It's extremely warm and diverse with a wealth of knowledge and willingness to help.
Anuradha Biju - Australia
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Teaching (students) how to learn by themselves and that's absolutely fantastic. I have so many instances so many examples when they are just so inquisitive.
Jorge Marenco (Spanish and Physical Education) - Spain/UK
If there is one thing that I appreciated the most while there it is the school’s focus on learning. Everyone is a learner at TIS, from the students and teachers to administrators and parents.
Kristine Adelsboell (Middle School Principal) - Denmark
everyone is a learner
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I know it sounds a little cliché but it really was like a big, extended family. We were really united and complimentary to one another in terms of our skillset and that made my job as Head of School a joy really going to school every day.
Lorraine Izzard (Head of School) & Mike Izzard (Art Teacher) - New Zealand
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People are happy; happy to be here, happy to go about their work and what they do each day. It really is something that you can palpably feel.
Kenny McFadden (Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher) - Australia
From learning support staff, subject specialists to classroom teachers, everyone is focused on supporting the students to be the best that they can be and bring with them their different ideas and perspectives.
Adriaan Defraeije (Physical Education) - Belgium
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They (the students) know that they are part of the community, that they are making this school as well, not just adults.
Ayumi Tomoto (Teacher Japanese) - Japanese
valued equally
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We make our learning intentions explicit for our children, so at any time of the day the children will be able to tell you what they are learning.
Fiona Broadfoot (Teacher Homeroom) - Australia
good person
I used to be The Head of Department for PE at TIS in the early 2000s. I met June my wife in Tokyo. It is a very diverse, open-minded and truly accepting place. It understands that you are unique and will recognize everyone regardless of their differences.
Angela Evans (Physical Education) - Australia
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I have worked at other schools where there's so many teachers, so many students that you just feel like you are a number you are not anyone. But everyone here knows my name.
Wayne Ashcroft (Middle School Technician) - Australia
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A place that really believes in the people that work there.
Antonia Abatematteo (Student Assistant) - Italy & Andrew Last (Student Assistant) - Australia
TIS is a very unique and connected community; I have not experienced this culture in any other school I have worked at or visited. International mindedness is at the heart of this culture. I still have strong connections with a number of staff I worked with during this time, who are living all around the world.
Glen Hayres (Teacher Homeroom) - Australia
international mindedness
I was immediately impressed by the open minded and inclusive community... TIS truly lives its mission!
Des Hurst (Head of School) - Australia
open minded
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Fun! Totally, that would be the first word that comes to mind. That's not just the staff, it's the students as well.
Lisa Muntz (Learning Support Coordinator) - Australia
TIS has always had such a caring and supportive community and I feel very fortunate to have worked with so many dedicated and enthusiastic colleagues over the years. TIS has a strong family feel about it, and that still remains even years after leaving.
Natalie Campbell (PYP Coordinator) - Australia & Kris Campbell (English/Drama Teacher) - Canada
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"The amount I have been able grow as a professional over the six years is extraordinary".
Gabby Kaufhold (Teacher Homeroom) - USA
our home
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I always feel like this is a place I want to come to be. Parents see that too. So when we have visitors who come in, that's one of the first things that they see is just how open and welcoming and how inviting the atmosphere is at the school.
Anita Rudd (Counselor) - USA

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