School Fees

School Fees
2021-22 School Year

  • For returning students, annual school fees must be paid in full by April 30th 2021.
  • For newly enrolling students, school fees are due in full based on the advised acceptance letter dates.
  • Term 1: August 23rd – December 17th 2021, Term 2: January 10th – March 25th 2022, Term 3: April 4th – Jun 17th 2022 (Dates subject to change)
  • Term payment and withdrawal notice must be completed by April 30th 2021 (Term 1), Oct. 31st 2021 (Term 2), January 31st 2022 (Term 3).
  • 2022-23 School Fees will be available in January 2022.
One Time Fees (Non Refundable)
New Students Only Application Fee ¥20,000
Registration Fee ¥300,000
Development Fee ¥600,000
Bus Service
Optional One Way ¥200,000
Round Trip ¥340,000
School Fees (Annual Payment) – 2021-2022 School Year
Kindergarten 1 – Grade 5Building Fee¥100,000
Grade 6 – Grade 8Building Fee¥100,000
School Fees (Term Payment – Personal Account Only) – 2021-2022 School Year 
Kindergarten 1 – Grade 5Building Fee¥100,000
TuitionTerm 1 (Payment Deadline by Apr. 30th)¥1,040,000
Term 2 (Payment Deadline by Oct. 31st)¥770,000
Term 3 (Payment Deadline by Jan. 31st)¥770,000
Grade 6 – Grade 8Building Fee¥100,000
TuitionTerm 1 (Payment Deadline by Apr. 30th)¥1,050,000
Term 2 (Payment Deadline by Oct. 31st)¥790,000
Term 3 (Payment Deadline by Jan. 31st)¥790,000

Some school activities, uniforms, lunches, IT devices for 5th grade and above, some social events and private instrumental lessons are not included in tuition. Families of students in Grade 5 – Grade 8 are required to provide a laptop for use in school. The laptop must meet TIS IT specifications. Please also note that some residential trips may incur an additional charge (e.g. transportation).


Corporate Contribution Program (CCP)

The Corporate Contribution Program (CCP) is a part of the Tokyo International School Fundraising Program.

The Corporate Contribution Program (CCP) is a potentially cost effective and advantageous alternative to paying Enrolment and Tuition fees. Participation removes the additional income taxes that are normally imposed on the income of parents whose employers undertake to cover their children’s school fees in Japan.

Under an agreement with the National Taxation Agency, established in 1978 by The American School in Japan, the CCP is available to companies and organizations that would ordinarily take responsibility for covering educational expenses for their foreign employees’ children. In subsequent guidance the National Taxation Agency extended approval of the CCP to a number of independent not-for-profit international schools in Japan. Currently more than twenty schools in Japan operate this program.

Under the authorized agreement, corporations that participate in the CCP, by making an agreed contribution, enable the school to fund special corporate scholarships which are awarded to the dependent children of the companies’ employees. These scholarships are not taxable as personal income in Japan and so the corporations avoid the considerable grossing up tax impact that would arise if they paid, or reimbursed, regular tuition fees.

For the majority of independent not-for-profit schools, the income from tuition alone does not cover the essential costs plus the additional cost of maintaining and developing highly rated education programs. By participating in the CCP, corporations contribute to the necessary funds, without additional cost to the company.

Organizations based outside of Japan or the Japan branches of such organizations with foreign employees having children in an international school providing the CCP, and who are not foreign government offices (Embassies and Ministry representative offices), may participate in the program. The number of children attending the school is not a deciding factor so it may be possible with only one student, or equally so with several students and from different families at the same company. The agreement is between the company and the school and the administration of CCP is handled by the school.

If a company wishes to join the CCP or requires further information, the first step is to contact the CCP administrator at each school or alternatively to print out and complete the schools’ CCP Questionnaire and return it.

To administer the CCP, the school must become a member of the Corporate Contribution Program Association (CCPA). The CCPA is an association of international schools in Japan that provide CCP at their school, and the purpose of the CCPA is to monitor that the CCP has been operating at each school in accordance with the rules which have been approved by the National Tax Agency in Japan. The CCPA also provides guidance to member schools and an opportunity to exchange information regarding proper use of the CCP through regular meetings.

Donations made under a CCP agreement can only be classified as General Donations (ippan kifukin) and should not be classified as Tokuzo donations even if the school is capable of receiving such donations.

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